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Many people whom I write to and who visit this page are curious about the my Surfer Shack, and this page is for them.  My house is between a surfer shack and a Puerto Rican bohio.

The Surfer Shack, in Rincon Puerto Rico

The house is made in the old Puerto Rican way, and made to be light and airy inside.  It was rebuilt after the Hurricane that passed through, and the interior is designed pretty much the same as it was before.  Mainly because what was there worked.  The bottom is now mostly stowage for myself, and for my daughter and her husband when they come to visit.

Shown here is the original wood, but the house is soon to be painted.   No use rushing into anything, I always say.

Here are some photos of the house after the storm.  As you can see in the second photo, the light one sees through the large window in the first photo is the sky.  The wind pretty much destroyed the back part of the house, and took off most of the roof.  But the house was rotten from termites and age, and needed to be rebuilt anyway.

Hurricane damage in Rincon More Hurricane damage in Rincon
Surfer Shack living room

Now here is the new Surfer Shack!  The main improvements were larger louvered windows throughout, and a real breakfast bar between the kitchen to the left and the living room.  The large glass window was the main reason that I got the place in the first place, and was kept in the new place.  Furniture is simple, and goes with the overall simplicity of the house.

And the bar and kitchen, with Chelli over for a visit and a rum and coke.  As you can see, the theme of simplicity is carried out throughout the house.  The bar is covered with the same material as the stools, and then covered with surf board resin for durability.  All the cabinets in the kitchen are open, keeping with the tropical way.  And the little blue hurricane lantern is always handy for the power outages that are a way of life here.

In the kitchen you can see Prince, my Springier Spaniel, who has since died.  He was my buddy, and will be sorely missed.

Bar & Kitchen
Tyson, the Beta Fish

And while we are speaking of bars and pets, here is a detail of the bar and my beta fish, Tyson.  (I named him Tyson because he fights by biting.)

Howie visiting

And here is Cindie Rice's dog Howie visiting the Surfer Shack and having a peek out the window.

The Cats!

And while we are talking about animals, here are my cats.  One morning I walked out on the front porch to be greeted with all three of them looking like this!  Needless to say, I fed them!

Max at first Max now!

And here is my dog now.   (Old Prince finally died)  The new one is Mad Max, the Devil Dog!  The first shot is when I got him, and the next one is now.

Front view, Rincon View from back deck, Rincon
And of course there is the view.  I lived for awhile south of San Lorenzo, in the middle of the island.  The views there were incredible!  Through each window the ridges just went off into the distance, until they blended with the blue sky.  But there was no ocean view.  I really needed that, and have it here in Rincon.  To the left is the view from the front porch and the large window in the living room, with Desecheo Island in the middle.  To the right is the view from the bedroom and back deck, looking out over Sandy Beach and Aguadilla Bay.

So that's the famous Surfer Shack!


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