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Surfing in Rincon, Puerto Rico!  The West Coast of Puerto Rico, the Fun Coast of Puerto Rico!   Surfer or spectator, you will love these images! Make us your next vacation destination.
Rincon Puerto Rico, World Class Surf Since 500,000 BC!

Working the surf

Above is Dylan Graves working out the surf in Isobela, PR. 

Now!  More photos from Tom Luker of the Surf Contest from the judges stand. Use Back Arrow to come back to this page.  

05contest4.jpg (25318 bytes)
From the judges stand!
05contest2.jpg (52175 bytes)
And the peanut gallery.
05contest6.jpg (35895 bytes)
The Italian TV producer takes a break.
05contest5.jpg (9514 bytes)
Attack from the air! A self propelled buzzes the contest!
05contest3.jpg (41319 bytes)
And Brian Toth wins and gets a check from Corona
The next event for the Corona Extra is set for February At Playa Domes in Rincon. Watch for the adds.
domes3.jpg (71901 bytes)
Corona Pro brought to you by Hang Loose Surf Shop in Jobos Beach
domes2.jpg (45211 bytes)
Watchers from the beach enjoy the contest
domes1.jpg (29857 bytes)
The view from the judges table.
domes5.jpg (60351 bytes)
Looking down on the beach with "Domes" in the background
domes6.jpg (53085 bytes)
More of the watchers from the beach
domestraf.jpg (46420 bytes)
And it seemed that everyone in the world came to surf, compete, or watch!


And more photos submitted by visitors!


dmelendezsurf1.jpg (27193 bytes)
Checking the surf at Casa Islena
From the cam of David Melendez
dmelendezsurf2.jpg (35188 bytes)
Whether it is on a surfboard or boogie board, surf is everywhere in Rincon. This shot also from the deck of Casa Islena
From the cam of David Melendez



anew4.gif (12646 bytes)Surf Map!  Surf Map of the West Coast of Pureto Rico   Rincon and the North-West Coast



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