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If you are interested in relocating to Rincon, please don't write to me asking how is life in Puerto Rico.  Some people love it and some hate it, so it depends on you. Read on, and if you still want to relocate to Rincon, I will be happy to help in any way I can.  But I can't help with setting you up with a job, an apartment, or a vehicle.  You pretty much have to be here to get those. I suggest that you first take a vacation here and check things out for yourself.

First, Some Thoughts and Ruminations from O'le Cap'n Jim

I've been living in the Caribbean for 35 years now (the last time I counted).   I'd like to pass on some of the things I've learned and seen about successful living here in Paradise.

The first and foremost thing is, DON'T come to Puerto Rico to:

"start all over" in anything.  If your life's not right where you are, it will probably get worse here (or any other place you relocate).  Come to Puerto Rico because "You WANT to be here!"

"to suddenly make tons of money."  If you didn't make tons at home, you probably won't here.  Come to Puerto Rico because "You WANT to be here!"

"expecting to carry on your present job description."  It might not be available here.  Come to Puerto Rico with the attitude that "I'll be happy doing anything within reason to live here,"   because You WANT to be here!

"expecting it to be like home."  You come to Puerto Rico because "You WANT to be here!"  Love it!  Get in it's unique groove!  Put a sign up on your bedroom wall reminding you to not to forget to enjoy the things you came here for!

There ain't no paradise anywhere on this earth - except the place you choose to make Your Paradise!

Now ask yourself, "Do I really want to live among colorful, interesting people?  Can I enjoy warmer winters and cooler summers?  Can I put up with miles of beaches, unique places, endless summers? Are you willing to adapt and Work for this? Then I'm looking forward to seeing you around Rincon, on the West Coast,

The Fun Coast, of Puerto Rico!

Everyone who has ever built anywhere a “new heaven” first found the power thereto in his own hell.
Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

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