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WORLD CONTEST '68 in Rincon, Puerto Rico

Want a real blast from the Past?  These Photos are from when Surfer Mag was only 75 cents!

Surfer Magazine - Circa '68

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And if you could see the line below SURFER, it would read "Volume Nine - Number Four - September - 75 Cents"  Not many remember when SURFER mag was 75 Cents!

(Photos and articles scanned from his copy by Jim P)

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Noel Ryan - Locked in at Bridges (Photo: Duncan)

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Gas Chambers - going off! (Photo: Ward)

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Perfection at Bridges  (Photo: Rodriquez)

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Excerpts from Corky Carrol's article in Surfer, September 1968.

    They were tearing the Puerto Rican surf to shreds - Nat Young was dropping in on a perfectly formed Rincon wall and screaming up and down on his short vee-bottom. Behind Nat, a lineup of the world's greatest surfing stars peeled off - one after the other - on machine-like waves that came rolling across the Caribbean against a light offshore wind. In my imagination, I could see them clearly: Sutherland, Bigler, McTavish, Tabeling, Machuca; and they all ripped and carved that Puerto Rican surf.

    The waves were real all right, but the surfers existed only in my daydreams as I stood on a cane-covered hillside watching the beautiful tubes of Rincon - site of next November's World Championships. I had just finished surfing, and I stood there with the sweet smell blowing from the cane fields that rolled to the water's edge. I imagined what it would be like next fall when top surfers from all over the world tear into fantastic Puerto Rican waves. . .

    . . .All in all, the conditions in Puerto Rico for the World Championships are challenging and unique. It should be an exciting event, so pack your suntan lotion, cameras, and swim trunks and make it down there - you won't be disappointed.

And that advice is still good to this day - Jim Sims

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