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You can take the girl out of the islands, but just try and take the islands out of the this girl!

Jaime's Album
Jaime, contrary to what she might tell us, started out as a baby, but all those photos went by the way of hurricanes, boats, and travel, so we'll have to begin with what we have. The photos begin with the time she started spending her winters in Georgia.

She'd come down to St. Thomas, USVI, summers and. . .

Play on the beach. . .

and in the water. . .

search for treasure

hang with ol'e weird dad

and become

a beauty queen

make friends

and generally rage!

. . . then one last swim and off to the airport.

And then there were the Boat Summers. . .

Riding the bow pulpit

Feeding gulls

Styling the deck

Back to her natural element

Galley Time

Checking the vessel into Customs

And then there was Prince

There was a little dog, that grew…

And grew…

And Grew!

Present Day Jaime!

Ahhhh, it's a monster. Nope, just Jaime before her morning coffee!

But look, she does work! Small wonders never cease!


She dresses up for a night on the town...

...or hanging out with Phantom in the office...

Sporting around in her Sentra...

Or just enjoying a winter view.

Let's not forget the cats!

Those crazy cats. Like the Yin/Yang we have Spirit (female-white) and Phantom (male-black)

Hey! Who's this? Oh, it's just Pluto, from Jaime's vacation last fall to Disney!

And last, but not least, her Mali Euromastics. Edgar and Lenore...

And Then

And then. . .

Whoops, there's no stopping her now!

The Crew.

Jaime in PR with her jewelry.

In PR.  Cool hat, cool daughter.

The N'Orlens trip.
And more to come. . .


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