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Earth Day Fair '99

Liga Ecologica Puertorriquena De Rincon

The Earth Day Fair and La Liga Ecológica Puertorriqueña de Rincón are gone.  But look at what it once was.

ed-crew.jpg (280104 bytes)

The happy "crew" of Liga, welcoming visitors at the door with a smile.

Erin Fattorosi, Earth Day Organizer;  Audrey Hellings, Liga Ecologica President; Rebecca Tozer, Earth Day Organizer 1990-1998

ed11.jpg (7188 bytes) Since the first Rincon Earth Day in 1990, the Fair has been a forum for education on environmental themes.  The Liga Ecologica presents displays and demonstrations on local issues as well as global environmental problems.
ed2.jpg (71937 bytes) Artisans display their local crafts and foods for the public to enjoy at the Earth Day Fair, held on the weekend nearest April 20th each year, at the Cancha Bajo Techo  (the town coliseum) in downtown Rincon.  The Municipio de Rincon (city government) has supported the event since its inception.
ed1.jpg (90413 bytes) Bernardo demonstrates his human-powered piragua (shaved ice with fruit flavors) machine at the Earth Day Fair.
ed6.jpg (66117 bytes) Many governmental and environmental organizations set up booths at the Earth Day Fair, to distribute information, explain to people their work, and get people involved (for example, signing petitions for environmental causes).
ed5.jpg (97816 bytes) Favorite attractions at the Earth Day Fair are the plant sale, "Recycled Treasures" (flea market tables), art show, folk dancing, and live music.
ed7.jpg (103530 bytes) The annual Earth Day Fair is a gathering place for people who care about the environment to meet each other, share ideas, and have fun.
ed4.jpg (64266 bytes) The Children's Corner at the Earth Day Fair invites children to make arts and crafts while learning about protecting our environment.
ed9.jpg (34638 bytes) The Liga Ecologica Puertorriquena de Rincon, Inc., was a volunteer, non-profit, environmental organization, and welcomed the support of all those who want a safe, beautiful place to live for our children.

Surfrider Foundation is now spearheading the ecological fight in Rincon.  Check out

 The Surfrider Foundation

You can help!

If you want to become involved in the ecological future of Rincon, check out this page in Island Images.


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