All About Rincon Puerto Rico.  Info and photos of our surf, beaches, mountains, fishing, diving, sports.  All that makes this The enchanted place of the Isla del Encanto.

Visitor beware.  There are many sites of places to stay that aren't what they appear on their Websites.  Some reflect the ambiance of Rincon, some do not.   This is from talking to many people who have stayed in Rincon and got their places from the Internet.  So ask questions before you commit to stay anywhere in Rincon.

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Lighthouse, Rincon, Puerto Rico
Rincon is a place of beautiful views, as here at Puerto Rico's historic Rincon El Faro Lighthouse.  You can watch pods of Whales cavort in season from this and many other spots around Rincon.  Or golf within driving range of the Caribbean.  Play on our miles of beaches or hang out in unique beach bars.

Surf, Rincon, Puerto Rico

But not all is placid views.  For a more exciting view of Rincon, try this one.  The surf is great, but that's not all.  Check out all the other things to do in and around Rincon.  There is something for all here!

Waterfalls near Rincon, Puerto Rico

Play in idyllic tropical waterfalls!  Visit the inland lakes or ride horseback on tropical beaches.

Windsurf, Rincon, Puerto Rico

Windsurf!  Just have a windsurf experience or a total windsurfing vacation.

Ruins near Rincon

Explore the miles of beautiful beaches and historic ruins nearby.

Quiet Beach with no surf in Rincon

Big surf, yes!  Whether you are a surfer or a spectator, checking out the surf is special. But, no matter what the surf conditions, there are calm beaches and coves that non-surfers can enjoy.  Rincon is your center for all that's happening on Puerto Rico's West Coast.

Fish, dive in Rincon, Puerto Rico

Rincon also provides great fishing diving, and snorkeling.  Shown here in the background is Desecheo Island, a scant 13 miles out in the famous Mona Passage.  World class sport fishing to satisfy the beginner or expert.  Close to shore or offshore diving and snorkeling trips are available right here in Rincon.

Mountain views in Rincon, Puerto Rico

Want a break from the sea?  Just a short drive from your vacation rental will give you spectacular mountain views.   Shown here is the view from La Cima Burger, just one of the delightful and unique places that dot the countryside of Puerto Rico near Rincon.

Surf in Rincon, Puerto Rico

This shot was taken from the gallery of an apartment in Rincon.  It is easy to see why Rincon has a reputation as a World Class surf destination.  Right on the beach at this break is the open air Calypso Cafe that is a great spot for non-surfers to hang out and watch. 


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