A Road Trip from Rincon, Puerto Rico

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The First of a series of stories by image of the great things to do and see in and around Rincon, on the West Coast of Puerto Rico.  Browse through and see what living the good life in Puerto Rico is about.  Coming soon are more stories and photos, so Click the button at the bottom of the page to register for e-mail notification when we add more exciting trips and events to this page.  And now:

A Road Trip in Western Puerto Rico!

lake1.jpg (25077 bytes)

Summertime, in Rincon, checked the beach bars and nothing's happening.  Not even a volleyball game on the beach today.   What to do?  Why of course, do A Road Trip.  Gathered up a few people looking for some low key adventure and headed for the mountains!  Went for a quick route to Hwy 2, then buzzed along to the Moca turn off and soon we were on little windy roads heading up into the scenic mountains of Western Puerto Rico!  View's like this are around almost every corner.
roadsid1.jpg (32206 bytes) lecho1.jpg (20080 bytes)

Stop, roadside food!  Back this thing down.  I'm hungry!  A lechonero!  Pit roasted pig!  And all kinds of other goodies!  The people of Puerto Rico don't want to drive far without stopping for some tasty  treats, and it doesn't seem like a bad idea to us either. "When in Puerto Rico. . ."

lecho4.jpg (36612 bytes) All Right!  We converge on this kiosko like the Marines landing on Vieques!  The owners seem to be used to the sound of screeching car stops and people dashing up to their stands with their mouths watering and a wild look in their eyes.   Well, after all, we haven't had anything to eat for hours (well, 45 minutes)  We were tempted to just munch by the front of the stand so as to stay close to the next order of food, but decided to eat inside if the server would stay real close.
lecho9.jpg (36350 bytes) Now these people aren't having fun at all.   Notice the somber faces, the bored looks.  I mean it's just a little road trip. <sigh>
lecho6.jpg (28045 bytes) We stop for a little chat with the Main Man while he tends the succulent roasting pigs, and then move on to the "road" part of the road trip.  We'll be back!
coast3.jpg (18142 bytes) The crew is tired of the mountains and heads to the coast for the short trip back to Rincon.  Sights like this abound on the way back.  Would you like a close up of this beautiful coast?  Scroll down one row.
i-girls.jpg (26167 bytes) Here are three intrepid young ladies exploring the very coast seen above.

Intrepid?  Well, they are just about 50 feet from the road and the car, but Puerto Rico is an easy place to explore.

For more info about where to stay and what to do in Rincon see Beautiful Rincon.



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