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I love 'em!  I've been riding for transportation for 44 years now!  Only owned a few cars in my lifetime, and those were for the significant other to drive.  Cars are Boring.   Cars have so many wheels they confuse me.  Four on the ground, one in the trunk, and one to steer by.

motora1s.jpg (10770 bytes)

The roads just go on, and on, and on.

        Friends who I had ridden with in the States asked me what was I doing with a bike in Puerto Rico.   Where can you ride?  My reply was:  Do you remember those Canyon roads we used to blaze on in California?  And ride for 2 hours to get to?  They are all over the Island here in Puerto Rico, the closest being about 10 minutes away!  Just going to the grocery store is sport riding!

Bike Rentals in Puerto Rico

I have had many requests for bike rentals In Puerto Rico and wasn't aware of any. And it is such a great place to ride. Now there is a business renting bikes! For full rates and how to contact them, email me by clicking below.

But first, my newest (old) bike.  I know, it's just a Rebel 450, but it's fun to drive, and it's my transportation now that the Interceptor is off the road.  It is pictured in front of Calypso.

Rebel 450!

gone.jpg (23252 bytes)

And the Mini-Ceptor is gone.  It needed work, and Marisel from Tamboo came over and carted it off.  She and her brother are going to work on it and put it back on the road in great condition.  Can't think of a better person to have it and ride it.

And now for some of the bikes I have had in the Islands.

bike1.jpg (18936 bytes)

This was a little Yamaha 125 2 stroke that was a ball to ride on St Thomas.  Really had to use the gears, but it went like a bat!  I had a game of how many cars I could pass going up the steepest hill on the Island.  Record was 17!
bike2.jpg (8467 bytes) Then there was the monster Honda CBF 900!
bike3.jpg (9137 bytes) Stripped the body work for a paint job, and it became a Yamahonda!
bike4.jpg (6640 bytes) Then with a Windjammer faring!
bike5.jpg (7404 bytes) Took a trip to Cali with Sweet Loraine to visit my brother, and bought this little Honda 450 to cruise the beach towns and canyon roads with.   Loraine had never ridden a bike cross country, so instead of selling it we rode it from Long Beach to Georgia.  Photo of daughter Jaime trying out the passenger end.   We made real good time because we couldn't stop much.  Loraine got bored and started mooning the truck drivers as we passed them.  Couldn't stop much, and made racing type refueling stops at the gas stations with no diesel.
bike5b.jpg (17896 bytes) Sweet Loraine, Jaime, and I in Woodstock Georgia.  What a trip!  Got into desert and found ourselves riding in 120 degrees in the shade, and there was no shade.  Immediately shifted to night riding for awhile.  By the time we got to Texas it really got interesting.  Gas stop conversation; "Nice bike!"  "Thanks."  "Did you ship it here?"  Nope, rode it from California."  "Wow! All the way from California?"   "No, we skipped over Arizona and New Mexico."  <g>   "How long are you staying here?"  "Not.  Heading for Georgia."  All the way to Georgia?"  "No, we plan to skip the rest of Texas,  Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama." <BG>
bike6.jpg (10278 bytes) This is the Miniceptor with custom body modifications courtesy of a van in Caguas, PR.  Was stopping at a red light (not yellow, not pink) and heard horrendous dry skid noise really close behind me.  Just had time to prepare for the impact.  After being launched in the air my first thought was "where is the bike?"  Looked under my right armpit and saw it slightly ahead and tumbling end over end below me.
bike7.jpg (7086 bytes) "How nice," I thought.  "I don't have the bike chasing me and catching up fast, and I'm back down and feet first!"  (My usual crash position is face down and head first, with the bike behind me.)

Hit the ground, and slid for a bit.  Found myself starting to catch so I threw a couple of shoulder rolls and came up in the middle of the intersection.

bike8.jpg (6825 bytes) I came up in a crouch, ready to move any way I needed to to avoid traffic.  "After all this, I'll be damned if I'm going to get run over by cross traffic!"  I was delighted to find no cross traffic.  There I was, in a half crouch, looking at the guys in the van who had hit me.  Feeling somewhat foolish, and not knowing what to do next, I faked it.  I stood up, arms raised in the inquiry position, and shouted, "Que the f*ck paso?"  They had no answer.   Picked the bike up and drove home in the rain.  More road rash on the bike than me, and no major injures.  Pretty good crash, as crashes go.
bike9.jpg (8981 bytes) Now!  Looking for an accessory such as the one to the left that will fit on the back of the Miniceptor.  Only requirements are that she will not wobble or thrash about while riding and will help me detail the bike.  Press the Contact IslandMon button below to apply with all pertinent details!  This is a limited time offer, so apply now



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