Around Rincon, Puerto Rico

To me, the real Rincon, Puerto Rico.  Surf, guesthouses, and things unique to our little Town.  The Rincon you want, and the Rincon that is still here!

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Rincon, Puerto Rico

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This is about Rincon, Puerto Rico.  The things about Rincon that I like, and many others come for.  Rincon has changed in the last few years.  There are condos, larger hotels, and more places to stay.  This is progress, and progress is inevitable.   But there is still the "old" Rincon here, the Rincon that I am here for, and many of you come here for.  The lechoneros, the roadside stands, the surf, the guesthouses, apartments and houses that you love.  If you want to stay in the latest of accommodations, you can.  But all of the purely Rincon things are still here as well.  And this site features them.

Photo essays in Island Images, as well as surf images, Hurricane tales, Sea Stories, Bikes, Boats (soon).  Far from the hustle and bustle of San Juan, a place of surf, grand sunsets, and all the other delights that go with a tropical island in the Caribbean.

The RinCam page is now being updated weekly.  Rincon Camera!



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